The demand for greater flexibility and control over retirement savings has increased the demand for privately managed super funds (SMSFs). Our solicitors expertly prepare our super funds; therefore, ensuring that your super fund complies with all the regulatory requirements governed by the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act (SIS).

All self-managed super funds must have:

  • A company corporate trustee or a minimum of two individuals acting as joint trustees,
  • A minimum of one to a maximum of six members (subject to the legislative requirements of each State and Territory) and;
  • Each member of the super fund must either be a director of the corporate trustee or an individual trustee.

Our super fund deed and compliance documents are prepared, and reviewed by our solicitors. To establish a self-managed super fund with Shelfcom follow these three easy steps:

  • Complete our one page order form.
  • Please review and email your order including your preferred method of payment to [email protected]
  • Our solicitors will prepare and review the super fund deed and compliance documents before these are emailed to you and if requested bound and posted to you for signing.

Our superior service means that we are here to assist you, please contact us if you have any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions